As a student there is never much incentive to eat healthily, but I am trying to buck the trend. But my mission has another side. I have had a rocky health history in the last few years, having contracted glandular fever (mono) and not being able to kick it for three years. This incentive at the moment is really to see if I can eat myself healthy and finally give ‘the glange’ (as it has become known) the final push.

I am currently studying History and Political Science in Trinity College Dublin and absolutely love it… Well, most of the time. I have been really lucky with my classmates, and we all get on despite the fact I can’t keep up with their partying antics without getting nasty bouts of tonsillitis!

I am a carer by nature and fully believe that one day I will help save the world. I am heavily involved with volunteering projects here in Dublin, run through a college society called Suas. Their main focus is a 10-week summer teaching placement in Kenya or India, but I am involved on the domestic side and currently am in charge of the three Trinity based mentoring programmes including a homework club and english language tuition for refugees. I also spent most of the summer in Masigcine Children’s Home in Cape Town, South Africa where I helped to look after 22 boisterous (to say the least…) children. I loved it and cannot wait for next summer’s opportunities!!

I hope people enjoy the blog and I am always responsive to feedback!!


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